If you have received a charge on your booking this will be detailed on the email titled 'Damage Deposit Refund'.  

Any room charge that has been applied will have been split between all passengers allocated to your room or apartment. An apartment charge comes from the agency and residence directly, these are not charges that NUCO has given. We receive an invoice directly from the agencies and apply them to the relevant apartments.

Most of the time the charges applied are valid and unfortunately can be quite expensive, although we do understand that errors can occur.

If you would like NUCO to contest a charge on your behalf please complete the form below, please note that we only require one passenger per room or apartment to complete this form; you will be required to complete one form per individual charge you wish to contest.

We are not always able to successfully contest charges but we will do our utmost to help.

Contest a Damage Deposit Charge 

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