Room allocations are organised and completed online through your NUCO account after the balance deadline and booking has closed. You will receive an email from NUCO informing you of the date in which your room allocations will go live along with clear instructions on how to book yourself into a friendship group and/or specific apartment with friends.

We always try our best to keep rooms close together as they are seen online during room allocations however, it is not always possible depending on residence layouts and the specific apartments we are given.

Please note the following in relation to your accommodation and COVID-19, any accommodation will only be provided in accordance with local rules and regulations but note that:

  • Unless specified at the time of booking you will be accommodated in apartments at full occupancy.

  • When fully occupied, the nature and size of the apartments mean it may not possible to maintain social distancing between the occupants within the apartment.

  • Although we will do everything possible to enable passengers to select who they share apartments with, it is not always possible for such preferences to be met.

  • In instances where a passengers accommodation preference cannot be met, the affected passenger will be allocated to an apartment at full occupancy with other passengers from their group.

  • The accommodation will be cleaned in accordance with prevailing local practices which may be different from the UK and more or less intensive.

  • You must behave in accordance with any COVID-19 mitigation policy we notify you of even if this impacts on your enjoyment of the holiday.

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