If there is an option for you to select NUCO transfers on your package the transfer departure times and the airport will be stated at the time of booking, these can be found on the transport section of your booking. 

If you require these times again and cannot find them on your booking, please send us a message through the chat feature and our customer service team will be able to advise.

The times we will advise on are:

Outbound Transfer – The time the transfer is due to depart the airport along with the time we advise that your flight lands by to ensure you have enough time to get through immigration and collect your luggage. This is normally between 1 - 2 hours of landing, depending on how busy we anticipate the airport to be.

Inbound Transfer -The time the transfer is departing resort and due to arrive at the airport and again the time we would advise to book a flight from to ensure you are at the airport for the standard two hours before your departure. We advise passengers to allow 2 hours from arrival at the airport before their flight takes off to allow them to check-in and clear security.

It is better to be early for a flight / transfer, rather than late!

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