For all packages we have a maximum capacity, if the trip you want to book a place on has sold out and there are no more spaces available, we may add a waiting list.

To confirm your place on a waiting list you will need to go through the whole booking process to select your options and pay the minimum payment and deposit. If you do not pay this deposit you are not confirmed on the waiting list.

Any booking options that has a capacity, for example, equipment carriage or events, you will not be able to add on a waiting list booking as these options need to be available for confirmed bookings to add first. If your booking is upgraded to a confirmed booking and there is space available, you can then add this option.

If and when a place becomes available on the trip we will process the waiting list and whoever is in 1st position will be upgraded to a confirmed booking, will receive a booking confirmation and be required to pay the outstanding balance by the payment deadline, this will be detailed on your booking confirmation.

It is important to note that the waiting list is processed by the time the deposit has been paid and your waiting list booking is confirmed not by the time you first started creating the booking.

Unlike a confirmed booking, you will not receive a booking confirmation as you do not yet have a confirmed place on the trip but after you have paid the deposit you will receive a payment confirmation email from Worldpay.

Whilst you are on the waiting list you can log into your account to see which position you are currently in and we will send you an email advising if and when you have been upgraded. If you are not upgraded to a confirmed booking and place on the trip, your waiting list booking will be cancelled and the deposit available for you to claim back.

To claim a refund please submit your bank account details here.

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