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I'm on a waiting list for a booking option, what are the chances I'll be upgraded?

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Due to capacities on transport, in accommodations and venues, some booking options will have a maximum capacity and as such waiting lists will be added for passengers to join.

Should we be able to increase the capacity or a passenger already with this option removes this or cancels their booking creating a place, we will process the waiting list and the first person who had confirmed their booking and joined the waiting list will be upgraded.

For some waiting lists, such as accommodation upgrades, after the payment deadline has passed, waiting lists will no longer be processed as we will have started the process of rooming allocations. For other waiting lists, if you are upgraded after the payment deadline and there is a cost associated with this option, for example, an event, you must log in to your NUCO account and pay the outstanding balance as soon as you are upgraded. You can do this here.

It is really important to note that if you no longer want to be on a waiting list, please log in to your NUCO account and manage your booking here to remove yourself from the waiting list.

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