For people that are new to skiing or snowboarding or those that have been doing it for years but feel like a bit a refresh or to try something different, NUCO lessons or workshops could be the answer for you.

At the time of booking when you get to the equipment and lessons section of your booking, you will first be asked for your experience level, these will be shown as:

Total Beginner – No previous experience at all.

Beginner – Some experience in a snowdome or dry-ski-slope, but not able to link turns.

Class 1 – Can link turns on green and blue runs.

Class 2 – Can link turns on blue and red runs.

Class 3 – Can link turns on red and black runs.

It is important at this point to select the correct level as this is how we group lessons and workshops together as these will not be mixed ability lessons. After the payment deadline, it can be difficult to change this as instructors will have been booked with the ski school. We understand that you may want to make sure you are with friends but lessons will not take up too much of the day and making sure you are in the correct experience level can make so much difference for your progression and what you take away from your lessons each day.

Aside from lessons, you may also have workshops available on your package, again you would first need to select your experience level to ensure you are grouped correctly.

If the workshops are offered on your package these will be:

  • Refresher Workshops - This workshop is aimed at helping you get your 'legs' back, it will take place on your first day and is ideal for those looking to quickly correct their technique. Our refresher workshops are 2 hours in duration. Only suitable for Class 1 - 3 experience level.

  • Back-country Workshop - This is your opportunity to enjoy a morning or afternoon in the back-country with a qualified off-piste guide, all necessary safety equipment will be provided. Our backcountry workshops are 3 hours in duration. Only suitable for Class 2 and 3 experience level.

  • Freestyle Workshop - For those wanting more confidence and control in the park, our expert coaches will help you go bigger than ever before. Our freestyle workshops are 3 hours in duration. Only suitable for Class 2 and 3 experience level.

If you are wanting to book ski or snowboard lessons we would advise to book these at the time of booking onto your trip, you can add lessons, workshops and manage your booking before your balance deadline here.

If you are travelling to France, all lessons are placed with either ESF or Evolution 2. If your holiday is not in France, either Andorra, Italy or Austria the local ski school in your resort will be booked for lessons.

All passengers will receive a lesson email with a QR code, this will also be available through the NUCO app detailing your lesson group number, meeting location and time. These will be sent the week of your holiday.

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