For all bookings, payment deadlines will be set at 6 weeks prior to your departure. The deadline is midnight on Thursday evening/ Friday morning. The specific date will be stated on the booking page and on your booking confirmation email.

For this season, Season 2020-21, we have and will continue to review payment deadlines on a week by week basis. If your payment deadline changes and is pushed back, we will update passengers as soon as we can.

The reason for our packages and trips to have a payment deadline is so we can confirm, book and organise all aspects of your trip and we require your trip to be paid in full to be able to do this.

Leading up to your payment deadline we will send you outstanding balance reminders so you don't miss this payment deadline.

Failure to make full payment will result in a late payment fee of £20 being applied to your booking and you risk your booking being cancelled.

To check your payment deadline, please first check this on your most recent booking confirmation and then on your holiday package. Please log in to your NUCO account here and this will be details under 'Your Booking'.

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