As a tourist, and if you hold a UK passport, you do not require a visa for short trips to the EU countries where NUCO Travel operates after the 31st December, you’ll be able to stay for up to 90 days in any 180-day period.

Importantly though, please make sure you have at least 6 months on your passport at the time of travelling and be able to show at border control a return or onward ticket and that you have enough money for your stay.

If you are not a citizen of a country in the Schengen area, you can check this here, you may be required to obtain a Schengen VISA to travel to your holiday destination,

Please see the below link to find out more:

The Schengen Area covers most of the European Countries. A Schengen visa is a short-stay visa that allows a person to travel to any members of the Schengen Area, per stays up to 90 days for tourism or business purposes.

The Schengen visa is the most common visa for Europe. It enables its holder to enter, freely travel within, and leave the Schengen zone from any of the Schengen member countries. There are no border controls within the Schengen Zone.

We would recommend applying for your VISA as soon as you confirm your NUCO booking as it can take some time to arrange an interview with the relevant embassy.

Please find further details on the below website:

All passengers that require a Schengen VISA for their holiday must apply for this themselves. NUCO can and will provide supporting evidence and confirmation for your trip, on request, to assist you with this

Please email our customer service team at, after you have created and confirmed your booking, with your booking reference number requesting your holiday details to assist you in applying for your VISA, we will then be able to supply you with a document containing the following information:

Passenger name

Group name

Booking reference

Travel Dates


Mode of transport

Countries you will travel through


Accommodation contact number and address

Travel insurance provider and policy number

Total package cost

Total package paid

Summary of holiday itinerary

As your booking is part of a group booking NUCO do not issue individual passenger booking invoices other than the original booking confirmation email, this means we will not be able to provide you with any documentation direct from our suppliers for any transport or accommodation.

If your VISA is denied NUCO Travel will not be held liable for any costs already paid towards your NUCO holiday booking.

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