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I'm making my own way to resort, what shall I do when I arrive and where can I collect my accommodation key and lift pass?

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If you are due to be arriving in resort after Sunday, can you please let the NUCO team know by either sending us a chat through the website or app or by sending an email through to with a day and rough time you are due to arrive.

If you are arriving on Saturday, please note that the keys to your accommodation may not be available until after 5pm. In most cases, only one key will be available for collection so please bear this in mind if you are first to arrive as your roommates will need access when they arrive. If you require another key, you will need to speak to your accommodation agency and, if possible, they can provide an additional key but you may be required to pay a deposit or provide a card authorisation for this.

Prior to your departure, your group leader will receive holiday vouchers, this will include an accommodation voucher which holds critical information such as:

  • NUCO Group name

  • Agency/ supplier booking reference number

  • Contact details and location for the accommodation agency/ supplier - this may be a different location from your accommodation

  • Key collection information - it is important the group leader reads this information and follows the details provided on the accommodation voucher. Not all apartments in an accommodation building are owned by the same supplier so it is important to check this for your group.

A lift pass voucher will also be included in the holiday vouchers sent to your group leader so all passes can be collected at the same time.

For any equipment hire, each individual passenger will receive their own equipment hire voucher and details of where their allocated hire shop is so this can be collected at any time.

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