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Should I upgrade my lift pass now or in resort? What should I do if I lose my lift pass?

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Lift pass upgrades

To save you time and money in resort, we would advise purchasing a lift pass upgrade at the time of booking to ensure your lift pass is ready for your arrival into resort. To manage your booking, and upgrade your lift pass please log into your NUCO account here.

Should you wish you can purchase from the local ski pass office in resort, however, the cost will be more expensive, and in some resorts the only upgrade available will be upgrading to a full area pass daily.

Lost your lift pass?

Please note the below is only relevant to French ski resorts and this does still differ between resorts. When you receive your lift pass you will either receive this with a receipt or a unique lift pass code. If you are given a receipt with your lift pass you must keep this safe. If you lose your lift pass you will only be able to get a replacement lift pass with this receipt, a photograph of the receipt may not be sufficient.

If you do not receive a receipt then your lift pass should have a unique code on the back, please make a note of this code and keep this safe, you will only be able to get a replacement lift pass with this unique code.

Replacement lift passes may also come with a small fee of approximately 5€-15€.

If you do not have either the receipt or unique lift pass code you will have to buy a new lift pass for the remaining days of your holiday that you wish to ski or snowboard.

If you are in Andorra a replacement lift pass is not an option so please keep your lift pass safe at all times, replacing this can be expensive!

When will I receive my lift pass?

Your group leader will receive a lift pass voucher prior to your departure that can be taken to the specified lift pass office in resort for collection. Your vouchers are accessible in the member's area here.

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